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Auto Machine Shop Services

Parts Cleaning Operation
Parts cleaning is essential to most machine works. For all your parts cleaning needs, call or visit Morris Bearing & Supply in Morris, MN 56267 today. We have a machine shop that will handle this.

Press U Joints
A clunking or clicking sound from underneath your car may indicate a worn out universal joint (U joint). A worn U joint can be replaced easily by use of a press machine. First press one side, remove the cap and then press the other side in the same fashion. Although easy, most auto shops do not press U joints due to lack of the necessary machinery and expertise. At Morris Bearing & Supply's machine shop, we have the necessary press machines and qualified staff to press your car's U joints.

Press Wheel Bearings
At Morris Bearing & Supply's machine shop, we will handle all your wheel bearing needs with our high-tech press machines. Call us at 320-589-1733 or visit us in Morris, MN 56267 today.

Valve Jobs
A valve job is an operation performed on any 4-stroke engine. The main purpose of this job is to resurface the mating surfaces of the poppet valves and their respective valve seats. Valve jobs usually only occur in high-performance vehicles, but sometimes passenger cars need valve jobs for these reasons: overheating, material failure, high mileage, excessive RPM, and foreign object damage. Call 320-589-1733 or visit Morris Bearing & Supply for all your valve job needs.

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